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The project involved writing detailed reviews of website hosting services and website builders. In total, over 150 hosting services and their website builders were reviewed.

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I truly enjoyed working with Jabran. He is a hard worker and always up for the challenge. I would not hesitate to work with him again in the future on another project.

Jackie Goldstein

Site Manager, Website Planet

Here is the complete collection of reviews I wrote for Website Planet.

1 Hostmonster “Hostmonster Review”
2 Web Flow “Web Flow Review”
3 Clouds “Clouds Review”
4 Webzilla “Webzilla Review”
5 Green Hosting “Green Hosting Review”
6 3D Cart “3D Cart Review”
7 Jet Server “Jet Server Review”
8 Dedicated Solutions “Dedicated Solutions Review”
9 Canadian Web Hosting “Canadian Web Hosting Review”
10 Nija Homepage “Nija Homepage Review”
11 Web Hosting All In One “Web Hosting All In One Review”
12 WebOX “WebOX Review”
13 Flexbe “Flexbe Review”
14 Mandora Werb “Mandora Werb Review”
15 JVM Host “JVM Host Review”
16 Web Hosting Buzz “Web Hosting Buzz Review”
17 Magix “Magix Review”
18 Digitalberg “Digitalberg Review”
19 Movable Type “Movable Type Review”
20 Youtukuru “Youtukuru Review”
21 Just Systems “Just Systems Review”
22 Terra “Terra Review”
23 Lage Hjemmeside “Lage Hjemmeside Review”
24 Your Webhost.nl “Your Webhost.nl Review”
25 VPSDime “VPSDime Review”
26 Serverpronto “Serverpronto Review”
27 Uzman Tescil “Uzman Tescil Review”
28 e-Monsite “e-Monsite Review”
29 Jollyworks Hosting “Jollyworks Hosting Review”
30 Ikoula “Ikoula Review”
31 MONO.Net “MONO.Net Review”
32 BizMac “BizMac Review”
33 Servint “Servint Review”
34 Dewlance “Dewlance Review”
35 Web 4 Business “Web 4 Business Review”
36 Bedava Sitem “Bedava Sitem Review”
37 Wezzpage “Wezzpage Review”
38 WebSelf “WebSelf Review”
39 Sidengo “Sidengo Review”
40 Angelfire “Angelfire Review”
41 Web Hosting UIK “Web Hosting UIK Review”
42 Axfone “Axfone Review”
43 Webtropia “Webtropia Review”
44 Winhost “Winhost Review”
45 Indosatm2 “Indosatm2 Review”
46 Rumah Web “Rumah Web Review”
47 Pace Infonet “Pace Infonet Review”
48 EZ Web Hosting “EZ Web Hosting Review”
49 Dial Web Hosting “Dial Web Hosting Review”
50 IQ Hosting “IQ Hosting Review”
51 1USD HostingC “1USD HostingC Review”
52 Viviti CMS “Viviti CMS Review”
53 Wifeo “Wifeo Review”
54 D9 Hosting “D9 Hosting Review”
55 Rapidweaver “Rapidweaver Review”
56 Krystal “Krystal Review”
57 Doteasy “Doteasy Review”
58 Cbox “Cbox Review”
59 CloudOYE “CloudOYE Review”
60 SOHosted “SOHosted Review”
61 Mercado Shops “Mercado Shops Review”
62 LatinoAmerica Hosting Columbia “LatinoAmerica Hosting Columbia Review”
63 Web Hosting Pad “Web Hosting Pad Review”
64 Doruk Net “Doruk Net Review”
65 Sector Link “Sector Link Review”
66 ICD Soft “ICD Soft Review”
67 Scope Hosts “Scope Hosts Review”
68 Next Vision “Next Vision Review”
69 Don Dominio “Don Dominio Review”
70 Raid Layer “Raid Layer Review”
71 WP With US “WP With US Review”
72 NineNic “NineNic Review”
73 Seeweb “Seeweb Review”
74 Mi Alojamento Web “Mi Alojamento Web Review”
75 Blue Angel “Blue Angel Review”
76 Super Dominios “Super Dominios Review”
77 Ititch “Ititch Review”
78 UPC Business “UPC Business Review”
79 Webland “Webland Review”
80 Sitesclub “Sitesclub Review”
81 Datapacket “Datapacket Review”
82 Towebs “Towebs Review”
83 Virgilio “Virgilio Review”
84 AZ.pl “AZ.pl Review”
85 Slimon “Slimon Review”
86 Data KL “Data KL Review”
87 Emiweb “Emiweb Review”
88 Miniportal “Miniportal Review”
89 Cybercon “Cybercon Review”
90 Palbin “Palbin Review”
91 Safe Names “Safe Names Review”
92 Serveria “Serveria Review”
93 Skyerp “Skyerp Review”
94 DirectNIC “DirectNIC Review”
95 iMobile “iMobile Review”
96 1Euro Hosting “1Euro Hosting Review”
97 WWW24.SE “WWW24.SE Review”
98 Vina Host “Vina Host Review”
99 IWV “IWV Review”
100 SEFlow “SEFlow Review”
101 CTRLS “CTRLS Review”
102 Wholesale Internet “Wholesale Internet Review”
103 Voxility “Voxility Review”
104 iCore Technology “iCore Technology Review”
105 BizMac “BizMac Review”
106 Inded Media “Inded Media Review”
107 TurboSite “TurboSite Review”
108 Clikeo “Clikeo Review”
109 iWay “iWay Review”
110 King 2T “King 2T Review”
111 Flexential “Flexential Review”
112 KPN “KPN Review”
113 VGH “VGH Review”
114 Webacosys “Webacosys Review”
115 Web Visitenkarte “Web Visitenkarte Review”
116 Webmasteri “Webmasteri Review”
117 Zenutech “Zenutech Review”
118 Dot 5 Hosting “Dot 5 Hosting Review”
119 iPax “iPax Review”
120 Nubex “Nubex Review”
121 Hostinz “Hostinz Review”
122 Lite Host “Lite Host Review”
123 Site Pro “Site Pro Review”
124 Kotisivukone “Kotisivukone Review”
125 Xilo “Xilo Review”
126 Good Net “Good Net Review”
127 Comvive “Comvive Review”
128 Cybersmart “Cybersmart Review”
129 Ismaili Web “Ismaili Web Review”
130 Serverpoint “Serverpoint Review”
131 Ayksolutions “Ayksolutions Review”
132 UCOZ “UCOZ Review”
133 Turktikaret “Turktikaret Review”
134 Infomaniak “Infomaniak Review”
135 Servage “Servage Review”
136 Wedos “Wedos Review”
137 US Next “US Next Review”
138 JPStream “JPStream Review”
139 4Adim “4Adim Review”
140 Ardeta Media “Ardeta Media Review”
141 Ten Ten “Ten Ten Review”
142 Goope “Goope Review”
143 Rootor “Rootor Review”
144 Eoldal “Eoldal Review”
145 Sitementrix “Sitementrix Review”
146 ITPixel “ITPixel Review”
147 Eigen Website “Eigen Website Review”
148 Weld “Weld Review”
149 For.ru “For.ru Review”